• Conférence sur les droits culturels ce vendredi à 14h30.

    A l'invitation du British Council, je participerai à une conférence sur les droits culturels vendredi 11 février à 14h30 au 104.

    Adresse : 104, rue d'Aubervilliers, Paris 19ème.

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    14h30 – 17h00

    “What does it mean to have Cultural rights ? You decide”


    Concluding session open to British Council contacts, in ‘Question Time’ format.


    Debate animated by Shelagh Wright


    Shelagh Wright is a Demos Associate, she has worked extensively with the public, charitable and private sectors on creativity, learning and innovation agendas. Shelagh is currently leading programmes of work with the Creative and Cultural Sector Skills Council, Screen England,  Creative Partnerships and supporting the government sponsored review of creativity in education.  This follows several years as head of communications with the government’s school curriculum quango, and work on corporate social responsibility programmes with Business in the Community. More recently, she helped establish the innovative joinedupdesignforschools initiative working with young people as commissioners of leading designers and architects to reimagine aspects of learning, while working as a brand strategist in the US.  She also a governor of a primary school in London.




    Karim Amellal

    Karim is a former academic director of the Master in Public Affairs at Sciences Po and is a teacher and writer. He has published three books, "essay" and fiction books. All of his work as an essayist, novelist and teacher is focussed on multiculturalism and how France deals with social and cultural diversity, the ‘banlieues’ and links between the arts and immigration. Karim is a founding member of the artists and novelists association ‘Qui fait la France?’ which aims to promote minorities involved in arts and more particularly in literature. Karim is particularly interested in growing his leadership skills to help develop the huge artistic and social potential of cultural communities in France and in Europe, so that they can be as strong and efficient as possible. He has just founded a media corporation (Stand Alone Media) dedicated to promoting and broadcasting intellectual contents provided by universities, think tanks and NGO's.


    Martin Bright, Founder and Chief Executive, New Deal of the Mind


    Martin is the award-winning former Political Editor of the New Statesman. His idea for a New

    Deal of the Mind organisation has captured the imagination of the cultural world since its

    inception earlier this year and attracted the support of politicians from across the political

    spectrum. Martin is Founder and Chief Executive of NDotM. Since March he has been

    working closely with ministers, officials and arts organisations to deliver jobs in the creative



    Tony Butler, Director Museum of East Anglian Life

    Tony Butler has been working in museums since 1997 and has been director of the Museum of Anglian Life (MEAL) since 2004. During this time he has transformed a failing organisation into one which is leading developments in social and cultural enterprise in the UK’s independent museum sector.

    MEAL was one of the first museums in the UK to describe its self as a social enterprise. Apart from its regular function as a museum, its work focuses on training and skills development for vulnerable people and therapeutic care for those with mental health difficulties. He is also leading a £3m development programme to restore a beautiful Queen Anne house and surrounding gardens. He was the 2007-08 Fellow for Museums on the Clore Leadership Programme. He has recently joined the Mission Money Models (MMM) Re-evolver programme which is seeking to build peer to peer networks around notions of resilience, relevance and responsibility. In 2009 he was named a recipient of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Breakthrough Fund award to develop work based on happiness and well-being in museums. A paper co-authored with the New Economics Foundation entitled the Happy Museum will appear in shortly.Tony is a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and is a Trustee of the Poetry Trust.  He loves the countryside and his Clore Leadership Research (supervised at University of Gloucestershire) examined an Asset-Based approach to developing Cultural Amenities in rural Britain.


    Christiane Botbol, ATD Quart Monde (NGO)

    Christiane followed firstly a career in the voluntary sector, then at institutional level in several different postings for the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs ; as advisor for the International Francophone Festival (Benin, Morocco, Lebanon) ; as Director of « Cultural Action and the Cité Internationale of Paris » ; as Head of Visual Arts at the Bourges Cultural Centre ; as exhibition curator and consultant with UNESCO ; as Director of the French Cultural Centre in Cluj-Napocca in Romania and finally as Head of Cultural Development for the Madagascan Minister for Culture. Since her return to France in 2006, Christiane has been working for national and international NGOs in various roles linked to culture and development, with a focus on francophone African countries.

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