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    Would Barack Obama have made it in Europe?

    In Europe, opinion polls showed that the overwhelming majority of people would have chosen Barack Obama over John McCain, if they had had a vote in the US election.

    Barack Obama standing in front of the door to 10 Downing Street

    How long until Europe has its own ethnic minority leader?

    But what chance is there that Europe might produce its own ethnic minority leader?

    Are Europe's political institutions open enough to permit a politician from a minority ethnic group to rise through the ranks and challenge for the highest political office?

    To discuss this, the BBC's Dan Damon brought together four people who have taken the first steps along that road.

    Adeela Shafi is a Conservative Party candidate in the next general election in Britain, Jean-Leonard Touadi is Italy's first black MP, Omid Nouripour is a Green Party MP in Germany and Karim Amellal is a writer and professor of political science in France.

    Broadcast : Listen to their discussion


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